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Care Home Advice and Guidance - Whiston Hall Care Home

Choosing the right care home suited to your needs is a highly important decision that will help you get the most out of your later life. There are several factors that need to be taken into account, each with the potential to affect your decision. One of the most important steps to take is to arrange a needs assessment, which will help you get a better understanding of what type of care homes may be best suited to you.

The location of the home is also an important consideration, as a close proximity to friends and family may facilitate frequent visits and support. Ratings from third parties such as the Care Quality Commission (CQC) should also be taken into account, as they may provide better insight into the home’s care and standards. The CQC report for Whiston Hall can be viewed below, and our welcoming managers and staff are always available to show you around our home.

Paying for Care

Whiston Hall offers the best in high-quality care to all residents, regardless of their funding method, to ensure a high quality of life in later years. Our friendly staff and managers will offer you some guidance and advice on funding your stay and will help find the best choice for your personal financial situation.

State or Local Authority Funding

If your local Council has assessed that your needs require you to find a care home, and if your capital is below £23,250, you may be entitled to receive some financial support from your local authority. If your capital is below £14,250, you will be eligible for maximum financial support, but will still be required to pay a small monthly amount towards your care.


If your capital is above £23,250, and if your needs do not require any specialised or extensive care, you may need to fund your stay at a care home yourself. However, you may still be able to gain some forms of financial assistance if necessary. If your capital were to reduce to below £23,250, you may be able to seek assistance from your local authority. Please visit carehome.co.uk if you require additional information about care fees.

About our Caring Home

Whiston Hall is situated in the picturesque village of Whiston. The Home is a converted period building, originally built as a farmhouse by the Earl of Shrewsbury over 500 years ago.

The home provides a secure, relaxed environment for our residents. Each resident has an individual care plan that embraces his or her cultural, spiritual and emotional preferences. We encourage all our residents to be as independent and active as possible and participate in the many activities the home offers. We provide a safe and comfortable environment for the residents whilst encouraging as much independence as possible.

What the Home Offers

We have 46 well-furbished bedrooms, most of which are en-suite, with personal washing facilities in each room. We also have two double rooms that cater to couples or partners. Many of our rooms include historic features in the regional parts of the house.

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What's nearby

Whiston Hall is close to a variety of shops and restaurants that residents can make regular day-trips to. Chaff Lane is the closest bus station, and is a quick two-minute walk away.

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Our Expertise

We specialise in offering comprehensive, unique care programmes for all our residents, and strive to create an environment where our residents feel safe, have high independence, and an excellent quality of life.